EFT is a gentle, non invasive energy therapy, which can create positive lasting changes on both a mental and physical level.  It can be used with both adults and children, and brings quick relief from old habits, beliefs, fears and phobias, stress, anxiety, pain, distressing thoughts and disturbing memories to bring your mind and body back to a state of optimum health and well being.

eft2It is based on the principles of the ancient art of chinese acupuncture.  They believed that invisible channels of energy run throughout the human body, and when these are working in harmony, the energy flows freely, creating a balanced and healthy mind and body. However, when these channels become blocked and out of balance, for whatever reason, our mental and physical health becomes affected.

What happens during a treatment?

EFT does not include the use of needles, but consists of gently tapping certain areas of the upper body and face to  re-balance any disturbances and blockages within the meridian system.  During an EFT session I would ask you to focus on the specific issue that you wish to deal with,  whilst gently tapping with your fingertips on a set of acupressure points and ask you to repeat certain phrases as instructed.  I will guide you safely through the procedure, checking progress along the way until a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

EFT is now becoming widely recognized by the medical establishment with various clinical trials being performed into it’s efficacy in post traumatic stress disorder, depression, pain management, stress and anxiety relief and palliative care,  to name but a few, often providing astounding results where all else has failed.

Will it help my problem?

EFT is a tool which I use regularly to help clients with various problems including:

  •  fears and phobias
  •  pain management
  • stress, anxiety and panic
  • confidence and self esteem issues
  • bad habits and cravings
  • painful and disturbing memories
  • exam/interview anxiety
  • sports performance
  • public speaking
  • and much, much more

I hold an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Meridian and Energy Therapies (EFT and Emo Trance), and if  you feel that EFT could be of benefit in helping with your specific problem, I offer a free consultation where you can come along and meet me to can discuss things in more detail and ask any questions you may have regarding this therapy.