Initial Consultation


Getting to know your therapist prior to any treatment taking place is vitally important. This face to face meeting allows you to process your feelings regarding any further treatment without feeling pressured to proceed further. It includes a thorough consultation and medical history together with treatment planning estimate of cost involved and a free relaxation CD.


£60 per session

Each session includes a reinforcement CD/MP3 download for use at home and is appropriate to the session content. Your appointment may also  include some aspects of  other psychotherapy tools including EFT, NLP and CBT.

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

£60.00 per session

A session purely devoted to the use of EFT as a stand alone therapy.

Smoking Cessation


Includes informative and motivational bound booklets together with reinforcement CD’s/MP3 downloads.

Weight Loss

£60 per session

Although a full weight loss course is recommended, as it addresses all aspects of weight management,  a one off session is offered at the above price with a motivational CD/MP3 download and mini booklet.

Weight Loss Course

4 sessions required

Addresses issues surrounding body image, food  addictions, motivation for healthy eating and exercise, how to deal with cravings etc. Very comprehensive course with provision of all charts, food diary pages, comprehensive  bound booklet, four motivational CD’s/MP3 downloads and weight checks at each appointment.   You will not be  “on a diet”.

Hypno-band Course

5 appointment sessions required

I am a fully registered licensed practitioner for the Hypno Band Weight loss system. All aspects as above, but the course centres around “hypnotic” gastric band “surgery”.
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