Fears and Phobias
Fears and Phobias

Fear is a primeval reaction to an actual threat of impending danger. It causes an alarming chemical reaction within our body that prepares us to defend ourselves from the approaching threat.

A phobic response, on the other hand, is the” unreasonable” reaction to a “perceived threat or danger ” from a person, a situation, an activity or an object. The fear involved in a phobic episode far outweighs the actual danger that is feasible in that situation, and, although the person is well aware that their reaction is alarming, they are unable to control the way it makes them feel and react. When confronted with their “phobia” they become overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and panic, and will go to extreme lengths to avoid any such confrontations to the detriment of their everyday lives.

There are many types of phobias, and the severity of the responses are different for each individual person.

A few common examples include:

  • fear of flying (aerophobia)
  • fear of heights (acrophobia)
  • fear of spiders (arachnophobia)
  • fear of vomitting (emetophobia)
  • fear of crowded places (agoraphobia)
  • fear of birds (ornithophobia)
  • fear of blood (hemophobia)
  • fear of needles (tripanophobia)
  • fear of doctors (latrophobia)
  • fear of frogs (ranidaphobia)

However, this a very small selection, and there are endless examples. Maybe yours is unique, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be helped.

Hypnotherapy, EFT and other psychotherapy techniques are very effective in dealing with fears and phobias, usually extremely quickly.

You will never be asked to confront the real object of your fear, and all work is carried out in a professional manner with empathy and understanding for your feelings.

If it’s time to let go of that fear or phobia and live your life to the full, then please give me a call …..