Obesity is now officially the fastest growing epidemic of the 21st century. The government and medical establishment has launched an intensive campaign to reduce the “size” of the population in order to avoid chronic life threatening conditions developing in later life that could cripple not only the patients themselves, but the National Health Service as well.

img_2These conditions include diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, joint replacements, gastro intestinal disease, and circulatory problems. Indeed, surgical procedures for overweight patients are now being assessed very carefully and evidence suggests that intervention through surgical procedures is now often refused until a significant amount of weight loss has been achieved.
I’m sure you’ve also noticed that the media has stepped up their campaign to target overweight people who are looking for a quick fix.  Every newspaper or magazine consistently subjects vulnerable and desperate people to the latest fad diets, offering huge weight losses in a very short space of time.

The well known “slimming clubs” make the pounds lighter in your purse, but sadly, we all know that diets don’t work, not in the long term anyway.  The initial enthusiasm and weight loss usually proves to be a temporary triumph with any results disappearing really quickly once the “diet” stops and you return to your “normal” eating pattern.  As the weight gradually returns, you sink into the depths of despair as all those new clothes in the smaller sizes no longer fit! You begin to withdraw and feel isolated again, and through total despair, the cycle begins all over again. However, each attempt to diet only seems to start with a heavier weight than the one before leaving you wondering if there really is a solution to this self destructive behaviour.
Sounds familiar? is there really a solution?

First of all you have to accept that your excess weight may have taken quite a while to accumulate, maybe even years, and it will, therefore, take some time for you to lose it again.  It won’t happen overnight and quick fixes may be quick, but are usually only temporary as all the original, underlying triggers, are still active.

In order to succeed, you will also have to accept that your lifelong association and attitude towards food, and a healthier lifestyle, will need to be modified. But how do you change the way you feel about yourself, your lifestyle, and your thoughts and feelings towards your “food friend” that has always been there for you? Ask any overweight person what actually drives their urge to overeat?  It is rarely triggered by true physical hunger ~ “emotional hunger” however, is something entirely different.

Hypnotherapy will help you to explore the realms of your inner reality, and, using a combination of techniques, we will first of all ascertain the underlying reasons for your current relationship with food, your triggers and cravings. Your subconscious mind will also be programmed to look at new ways of adopting a healthier lifestyle to work in tandem with your new eating habits and achieve the outcome you desire. Together with the tools provided for home use, this whole package can help you to adopt a whole new way of thinking about your lifestyle and the food that you eat, something which ordinary “diet’s” don’t address and is the main reason for their failure.

Weight management with Pegasus Hypnotherapy is usually administered over four evenly spaced appointments, with additional ones added if it proves to be necessary.  Each one of these will address different aspects of your lifestyle and food triggers and  the attachments you have formed to certain foods and what they mean to you.  More importantly, you will not be following a “diet”….. with the help of the hypnotherapy sessions and the course materials supplied, which includes various reinforcement CD’s, you will be encouraged to adopt a whole new way of thinking about food, portion sizes and some simple lifestyle changes that you can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Pegasus Hypnotherapy is a licensed practitioner for the  Hypno-Band weight management system (see drop down section for details under weight management tab above) or you can link with the official website on www.hypnoband.com for full details.

However, no weight management programme will work without a strong desire to change and succeed.  There is no magic bullet, but at Pegasus Hypnotherapy we are committed to helping you succeed and reach your goal as quickly and easily as possible. By using the course materials supplied and committing to using them daily as instructed, we can help you  to overcome all those habits and triggers that have previously been your downfall. In addressing your relationship with food and desensitizing your triggers you will be approaching this problem in a new and unique way which should give you the positive and lasting results you had hoped for.

Some health problems may render you unsuitable for the weight loss programmes outlines above, but will be discussed in detail prior to the start of any treatment taking place, usually at the consultation appointment.

Call today to arrange a consultation appointment where we can look at your individual circumstances and work out what’s best for you.
Don’t suffer in silence, it’s time to take back your power and become who you were meant to be!
Do it today … you said tomorrow yesterday!

These therapies should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.

Hypno-Band (Hypnotic Gastric Band) in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

gastricImagine that you are having the results usually achieved by having a surgical gastric band fitted but not having to go through surgery, and  spending thousands of pounds!
Gastric Band surgery is not for everyone.  Usually the surgery is only carried out on people classified as “clinically obese” and with a high body mass index (BMI)
A surgical gastric band works by reducing the size of the stomach and therefore you eat smaller portions and feel satisfied much quicker.  Through this method it is possible to lose weight quickly and easily.  However, the surgical method does have it’s drawbacks.  First of all it is very costly typically costing around £4,000 to £6,000.  On top of that you will need to go through a surgical procedure and general  anaesthetic.

What if you could have all the benefits of a surgical gastric band, without the  surgery and those prohibitive costs?
By using the Hypno-Band weight management system, we aim to create a subconscious state of mind that suggests you have had a gastric band fitted. This is said to to create the feeling of being satisfied with smaller portions of food,  and encouragse you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

How does it work?

Usually, over four sessions we take you through the hypnotherapy process of having a gastric band fitted, but only in your mind.  By using suggestion and visualization we aim to convince your unconscious mind that your stomach has become smaller and that you need to eat less food.  By eating less food, less often, and providing you with other techniques such as CBT and motivational CD’s,  a gradual weight loss should be experienced. Each session of the Hypno-Band system lasts for approximately one hour and before beginning the process, a full assessment and consultation will be carried out.

Does it involve surgery?

No. The HYPNO-BAND system is a non-invasive behavior changing method using the techniques of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy

Does it hurt?

On the contrary.  The HYPNO-BAND procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable.

Are there any side effects?

No. There are no side effects associated with undergoing this procedure

So it’s safe?

Yes!  The HYPNO-BAND system is perfectly safe

Will I be under the hypnotherapists control?

No hypnotherapist can make you do anything you do not want to do nor make you behave in a way you would not normally behave. You will be in complete control at all times and able to end the session at any time you choose.

Am I suitable for the HYPNO-BAND weight loss system?

If you are overweight and really want and are committed to losing weight, then you should be suitable.  The only exception would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems, if you are on certain medications, or have certain medical  conditions. This will be discussed thoroughly at the initial consultation.

Will it work for me?

The key to success is YOU! No weight loss system will work unless you are committed to losing weight.  You must be prepared to change your eating habits and     life-style.  If you are totally serious about losing weight then it should work for you. The HYPNO-BAND system provides you with all the necessary tools to help you to lose weight and maintain a healthier body and lifestyle.